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308 Winchester 125 Grain Load Data Version 70 Rob
308 Winchester 110 Grain Load Data
30-06 Springfield Load Data - Nosler
223 Remington 40 Grain Load Data Version 7.0
308 Winchester 150 / 155 Grain Load Data Version 7.0
308 Norma Express 150 Grain Load Data
30-06 Springfield 110 Grain Load Data
6.8 Remington SPC 110 Grain Load Data Version 7.0Loading that magazine is a pain!
260 Remington 123 / 125 Grain Load Data Version 7.1 30 30 Winchester, 338 Winchester
Example of load data variances for two 168 grain bullets:
Hodgdon Reloading data Center hand loading powder
Hornady, .308 Marlin Express, FTX, 160 Grain, 20 Rounds
Reloading bench
By Jim Waddell
Robert Whitley 30 ARX ar15 6.5 grendel
Shown here is a combination of premium .30-'06 ammunition with an all-weather Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless rifle.
load manual sierra reloading hornady data
Western Powders Accurate Ramshot reloading guide LT30 LT32
Lever gun ballistics: .357 vs .30-30
The 30-06 sucks because it's so old it can't even stand up
New Official Load Data for Latest High-BC Sierra MatchKings
30-06 Springfield.223 Remington 6,4-284 Norma.300 WSM
The larger, faster 257 Weatherby Magnum became a factory cartridge more than 20 years before the 25-06 Remington was finally given legitimacy.
Midsouth Shooters Sierra Bullet Bullets Sale
Hornady Superformance, .257 Robert +P, SST, 117 Grain, 20 Rounds
Sierra .30 .308 30-cal caliber Tipped MatchKing TMK bullet G1 BC F
Remington, .45-70 Govt., SP Core-Lokt, 405 Grain
Lyman Releases 50th Edition Reloading Handbook at NRA Show
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Sierra 125 gr Matchking
There are lots of great .257″ bullets on the market, many pretty sleek and slippery. But there are no truly modern, heavy-for-caliber, extremely high BC ...
.338 Lapua Magnum
The Universal Cast Boolit Rifle Load? [Archive] - Cast Boolits
Best 65 Creedmoor Ammo For Hunting Deer, Other Big Game featured
sliced cutaway ammo ammunition FOG diagram. This .308 Winchester ...
Here are long, sleek, high BC bullets in 26-caliber compared to slightly
Powder Valley Inc. Giveaway 12 days of Christmas Ammo Bullets Press Lapua Sierra Berger
By Major Rob Robinette
Sierra 195 grain Tipped Match King Rifleshooter.com
The world is awash in cartridges that throw .308-inch bullets, and they're all better than the ancient 30-06 Sucks, er, I mean Springfield.
Basic QuickLOAD Input
The consumables for our .308 Winchester cost example.
By Major Rob Robinette
308 Winchester final.jpg
Sierra MatchKing Tipped Bullet sale midsouth varmint bullets
7mm bullets in different cartridges
.223 Remington.jpg .
The ...
The .30-'06 is great performer on target. Shown is a bullet
QuickTARGET Unlimited
The premium hunting ammunition, from such companies as Norma and Federal, will make an already great cartridge even more potent.
Norma .30-'06 ammo, featuring the 165-grain Oryx bullet.
.243 Winchester Ammo
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The short 250-3000 Savage, 257 Roberts, 25-06 Remington and 270 Winchester.
A sporter-weight bolt action like this stainless-synthetic Sabatti Rover 870 in 25-06 Remington is bound to make pronghorn hunters smile.
This 25-caliber offshoot of the 30-06 is, like its cousin the 270 Winchester, ...
NBRSA 600-yard record
Shown is a 25-06 Remington cartridge beside its parent case, a 30-
Photo shows 10 bullets of various weights that the 30-06 Sucks can shoot.
The wide and diverse selection of .308 caliber projectiles will help to wring the most versatility out of the .30-'06 case.
Buying in bulk, like this box of 6,000 .223 bullets, can save you
A 200-grain Swift A-Frame bullet.
223 Remington.jpg
The heavier 180- and 200-grain premium slugs are a great choice for elk, bears, moose and larger African plains game.
The 17 Winchester Super Magnum · Ron Spomer Outdoors 17 Win Super Mags
This Colorado bull was taken with an interesting rifle, an R.F. Sedgely Springfield converted to left-hand bolt, probably made about 1930.
Test Image #1 ...
The 150-grain Cutting Edge Raptor, fully capable of taking game up to and
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When you first start using QuickLOAD many of its bullets are not shown in the Selected Bullet drop-down list. You can get QuickLOAD to load it's complete ...
Federal Premium's 180-grain Nosler Partition load makes a fantastic all-around choice.
Pistol Bullet Summary By Manufacturer
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30 06 springfield final.jpg .
.224 bullet extremes
Powder Table for 110gr V-Max Bullet with COL of 2.04"
Mean squares from line × tester analysis for various characters in upland cotton
Test Image #1 Test Heading #2
The . ...
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Good example: 70-grain VLD (left) needs an 8; the Sierra 69-grain MatchKing next to it does fine with a 9. It's bullet length that determines the needed ...
.4: Parameters for within site year models describing the relationship between normalized difference vegetation
Local survival and apparent survival of the studied nightingalesLocal survival estimates obtained from territory occupancy data
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.223 Remington